SEPTEMBER 4-10. 2024


Unforgettable Immersive

Fully Raw 7-Day Experience

Rewilden yourself through living foods, movement and nature.

Gain clarity and confidence in yourself and your body.

What You'll Experience

Living Foods

Fruit for breakfast, fruit for lunch. Raw gourmet for dinner. Fuelling our bodies with the human species specific diet.

Cold Immersion

Interoception and becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable. Overcoming fears and finding inner strenght.


Discussions and mental exercises to set our intentions and goals and overcome limiting beliefs and barriers.


Hiking and daily activities fit for every level. We do light yoga, simple resistance training and improvised workouts.

Your Hosts

Hi! We are Reelyka & Henri and we have been together 10 years. Our relationship went into a crisis about 7 years ago when we both had many health issues come up and the same time we struggled to find our place in the world.

We were living a usual artificial "numb yourself" lifestyle behind masks, illusions, stimulants, fake foods and fears. Our relationship was falling apart in a toxic environment like this.

To survive we had to challenge ourselves and become REAL, which meant questioning everything and rediscovering our real values. After a long process of becoming fully honest with each other and the world, rediscovering the human diet and our purpose in life - our lives were transformed and so was our relationship.

We created this retreat to share our vision of what an active and healthy lifestyle without addictions can look like and of the fulfillment it can bring.

A few words from R.

Hi! I have been in medical school and worked as a nurse for over 6 years in hospitals and then after that also studied in nutrition school to get my qualification as a nuritionist.

But true change happened for me after I decided to fully start listening to my own body.

Nine years ago, I decided to make a significant change in my life by adopting a vegan lifestyle. Then, three years ago, I refined my diet even further by adopting a fruit-based diet. The impact was transformative.

Not only did I manage to overcome my addictions, but I also eliminated a myriad of health issues, including an eating disorder, psoriasis, acne, depression, anxiety, IBS, chronic headaches, and bloating.

My goal with this retreat is to inspire you to have the same transformative awakening and to share with you everything you'll need to reap the benefits of a raw, vegan, fruit-based diet.

And... to just have a freaking great time :)


Out retreat location is set in the heart of a secluded green valley and surrounded by the dramatic beauty of the Andalucian Mountains, we’re just 40 minutes away from Malaga airport, but a world away from the stresses of urban existence.

We'll be on 18 acres of unspoilt land, in harmony with the natural beauty of Spain’s Pizarra Mountains. Hidden away in a valley, reached only by a 4km track that winds through the orange and lemon groves, we are surrounded by breathtaking views, vibrant flora and fauna, caves, mountain streams, springs and even a waterfall.

You can swim in the solar heated salt water pool, have a session in the sauna or steam room, or be treated by our experienced massage therapist.


Pizarra Mountains

Experience complete serenity in a hidden valley

Enjoy the natural elements of earth, water, fire and ice

Practice daily movement, yoga and meditation



Our schedule is action packed and different every day but here are some of the activites we have planned:

  • Discussion: How to improve your life with raw foods?
  • Discussion: Our relationship to food
  • Reflective Group Workshop: Connect to yourself by connecting to others.
  • Workshop: Gain clarity in your journey and work through limiting beliefs.
  • Cinema pool night with a twist!
  • Morning exercise classes (yoga or light resistence training)
  • Guided cold plunge & sauna sessions
  • Mango tasting (over 10 varieties) or exotic fruit tasting
  • Raw food cooking workshop
  • Hike in the mountains
  • Beach day

The Fruit


At the retreat you can experience tropical & subtropical fruits like mangoes, figs, cherimoyas, dragonfruit, papaya, grapes, peaches, melons, watermelons & more.

Eat fresh figs at their peak ripeness right off the branch and indulge in over 10 varieties of mangoes all organic & locally grown.

Every morning we have hydrating juicy sweet fruit and for lunch we'll have more satiating & calorie rich fruits.

From non-sweet fruits the tomatoes, cucumbers and zuchhinis are the best we've ever had!

The Raw Gourmet

If you follow @reelyka or are a member in her Rawberries membership you know she loves to create delicious raw creations.

Every evening we'll have a healthy themed gourmet dinner for you to enjoy.

Raw vegan burgers, lasagne, pizza, noodles, salads, sushi & more.

All of the dishes are oil & salt free and low to medium fat (with the exception of the raw vegan cheeses)

We always have simple options available for the 80/10/10 followers.

The Cheese


Before deciding to come live in Spain we were running the vegan cheese factory @kuublu in Estonia for over 2 years.

We used traditional cheese making techniques like coagulation, fermentation & aging to achieve textures and savory notes characteristic to cheese.

Our blue mold vegan cheese was awarded the best product of Tartu in 2021.

After many requests and much interest we are finally bringing back the cheese in a limited edition form.

They will be exclusively available for you to enjoy at the retreat.

Experience the Spanish Mountains

El Caminito del Rey, once known as the scariest, most dangerous walk in the world, is now safe!

Imagine breathtaking views of towering mountains, vibrant green valleys, and crystal-clear lakes and streams. Picture yourself surrounded by a vast wilderness of pristine beauty, filled with the sounds of wildlife and the smell of fresh pine. Be prepared to hike across dizzying bridges, through narrow tunnels, and along sheer rock faces, with the rushing waters of the Guadalhorce River far below you.

If you dare to take this special journey, you will be rewarded with panoramic views, a sense of accomplishment and awe at the majesty of nature and an adventure to a magical place you will never forget!

Hot & Cold Therapy


Cold therapy has numerous scientifically proven benefits like reduced inflammation, better skin & hair, improved immune system function, improved sleep & metabolism, reduced stress, accelerated recovery. But the number one for us has been the ability to AWAKEN yourself from your limitations.

After an ice bath everything that seemed hard suddenly seems easy.

It helps to embrace life and give up control. We can really sink into our bodies and deepen the mind-body-nature connection. Our bodies are capable of so much more than we think if we just trust them.

You can leave all your coping mechanism behind and start to finally listen to your inner voice without numbing it. Cold immersion creates a place where all thoughts can leave and only primal senses remain.

And of course we have sauna and a steam room available for you to warm up!

Unlock Relief with Expert Orthopedic Massage Therapy


Discover targeted relief with orthopedic massage therapy, blending acupuncture and reflexology.

Whether you're in search of deep therapeutic relief or a tranquil escape from the everyday, your session is sculpted to your personal health journey.

Experience professional healing and peaceful relaxation to the tune of birds and the warmth of summer air.

What's Included?


As this is an all-inclusive retreat then there is no need to take out your wallet at any point during the 6-day retreat!

Here is a recap of what's included:

  • Accommodation for 6 nights
  • The food, 3 meals per day
  • Transport from Malaga to the retreat and back
  • Workshops, ice plunge, saunas and all group activities
  • Day trip on 1-2 days
  • Suprise gift


Slumber under the Stars in our Sacred Geometric Sanctuaries

Bed in a Teepee or Geodesic Dome

Stay in an individual bed in a cozy 2-bed Teepee or Geodesic Dome. Has electrical. Bathrooms are very close by and shared with the other guests.

Early Bird Price: $1,560

Private Teepee or Geodesic Dome

Teepee or dome for friends or a couple. Or if you enjoy complete privacy of your own but don't mind potential visits from the cats of the property. Has lights and electricity. Bathrooms are very close by and shared with other guests.

Early Bird Prices:

$2,250 1 person

$2,990 2 people

Or enjoy traditional Spanish Design

Your Indoor Sanctuary Amidst Nature

Bed in a shared indoor room or Casita

Stay in an individual bed in a cozy 2 or 3-bed room. AC, ceiling fans. Bathrooms are common & are shared with other guests.

Early Bird Price: $1,560

Private Room or Casita

For friends or a couple. Or if you enjoy complete privacy of your own. Stay in a private room in the main house or a completely private casita on the same property. AC, ceiling fans. Bathrooms are common & are shared with other guests.

Early Bird Prices:

$2,450 1 person

$2,990 2 people

What you are leaving with


Experience of being fully raw for 7 days

Having experienced the peak of raw vegan food and fruit

Connections and network of likemined people and support for life

All the knowledge needed to continue a sustainable healthy lifestyle

Renewed energy and joy for life

A deeper connection to oneself and our intuition

Tools to tackle any problem in life and manifest our dreams

Tools to break out of our comfort zone and go for what we want

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